Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If you're not planning for the transformation of IT you're planning for retirement

he Gartner IT Symposium is over and the message to the thousands of CIO’s who were there is Information Technology  is transforming  and transforming fast.  Those who aren’t prepared for it will likely be surprised when it passes them by, but they shouldn’t be.  Not only will IT transform in to a value added group but it will be expected to be a transforming force of innovation.  Richard Hunter a VP Distinguished Analyst for Gartner defined seven areas where innovation must occur.  While his description of those areas were valuable what I found most fascinating management structures in those areas are the same as they were decades ago.  Most management structure is defined around traditional value delivery organizations.  The ability to foster innovation in the firm needs to happen with organizational changes top down which empower innovation from the bottom up.  I have confessed my belief that success in the organization comes from those in the trenches and the discussions this week has validated that belief.   I have learned much from this conference.  Look for more information regarding empowering Lean in the organization and how you can foster Lean in IT over the next several weeks.

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